Vintage oil painting


1960’s oil painting, Dutch, signed, still life with natural colors

  • New frame
  • Measurements: height 71 cm width 61 cm.
  • signed

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This nice impressionistic painting was made in the sixties. It has that lovely natural orange and greens that are so typical for that period in time. The painting depicts a vase with orange chrysanthemums and is signed in the lower left corner, Reinoso.
(not to be confused by P. Reinoso).
I have seen more works by this artist, all made in the Netherlands, but not much is known about this artist.

The rough dynamic strokes the artist used here, contrast with the subtle, natural colors. At some places, the paint was applied very thickly and layered.
The painting was painted with oil paint on board and there are a few small scratches on the board, but nothing to obvious. The corners of the board also have some scratches, but the frame falls over it.
The painting was re framed in a new frame made of recycled scaffolding wood in white and gray tones.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 71 × 61 × 10 cm