Antique Lithograph E.Verveer


Dutch chromo lithograph in sepia tones.

Maker: Elechanon Verveer, Dutch, 1947.

Printer : C.W. Mieling

Condition good


This idyllic two tone colored lithograph was printed by the royal Dutch stone print company “C.W. Mieling”, and made by master engraver Elchanon Verveer in his early career shortly after he received his engravers diploma. The “Koninklijke steendrukkerij C.W. Mieling” was a high quality printing company in its days.

This work was dated 1849 in the plate itself and was also signed in the print in the right corner “Elchanon Verveer”. The measurements are: 22.5 x 15.5 cm. and the whole paper measures 36 x 27 cm.

On the bottom right is printed: Del. et Pinx. Elchanon Verveer which is an abbreviation of the Latin “Delineavit et pinxit”, “Drawn and colored” (by L. Verveer).The condition of this lithograph is good. Some soiling and yellowing and some little tears around the edges of the paper, outside the margins of the actual lithography.